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The RCG OKK Installation in Under 2 Minutes May 16, 2019

A multi-month project in under 2 minutes- check out our new OKK machine that was recently installed! This new machine will help drive positive performance, greater competitiveness, and improved lead times for our customers!

From our prior post “Reed City Group: Investing in our Future”:

“As broadcast just a few weeks ago, we’ve recently added a new high-powered horizontal milling machine with capabilities that will impress many of our tooling customers. It is manufactured by OKK, a well-known global manufacturer of machining centers. This particular machine has versatility in speed, precision and rigidity with a hybrid 4th axis table. It boasts a 6,000 RPM spindle that allows for roughing and deep hole drilling capabilities. Travel range capability is 95” X, 65” Y and 68” Z, with a rapid travel speed of 1,654 IPM. This machine also comes equipped with a duel pallet system that allows for quick change and rapid set ups, allowing our team to efficiently change from one project to the next with a capacity of up to 17,000 lbs. each. It’s impressive stature and ability is only surpassed by the quality of work that it produces”

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