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The November MVP at Reed City Group December 10, 2018

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that an MVP can be defined as: : “the player who contributes the most to his or her team’s success”.

At Reed City Group, we are team in every form, and each of our “players” are extremely crucial to the overall success of the company. Each month, we aim to spotlight those that have gone above and beyond in contributing to our team’s success. These people naturally go out of their way, for the better good of everyone, without initially knowing how much their contribution means. Their leadership qualities are a driving force that motivate those around them to be better.  Here is our recent MVP:

Daylon Louiselle: November

November seemed to be one of the busiest months of the year for everyone at our facility, but that didn’t stop Daylon from stepping up and taking on some new challenges. Daylon has filled many rolls to the absolute fullest over the duration of his time here at Reed City Group. From truck driving to safety to managing the direction of the tool crib, he has provided an enormous amount of contribution to the success of the team.

When asked recently if he could take over the management and responsibility of our tool crib, he didn’t hesitate and took the task head on. Also, with Daylon’s direction and assistance, we were able to start and maintain a very successful coat drive for the local school. It is these leadership qualities we appreciate within our company and these attributes we hope everyone can model after! Daylon – keep up the fantastic work!


November MVP (Daylon)

*Pictured- Daylon with President and CEO, John Barnett at the Reed City Group Christmas party, 2018.

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