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The December MVP at Reed City Group January 25, 2019

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that an MVP can be defined as: : “the player who contributes the most to his or her team’s success”.

At Reed City Group, we are team in every form, and each of our “players” are extremely crucial to the overall success of the company. Each month, we aim to spotlight those that have gone above and beyond in contributing to our team’s success. These people naturally go out of their way, for the better good of everyone, without initially knowing how much their contribution means. Their leadership qualities are a driving force that motivate those around them to be better.  Here is our recent MVP:

Jeff Paine: December

For the first time ever, Reed City Group has a 2 time MVP award winner. Back in September, Jeff received the MVP award for his diligent work with the goods inventory cycle and our new ERP system.

For the month of December,  Jeff again went out of his way to ensure the smooth flow of things within the plant. His recent dedication to the tool crib has been fantastic. In another move, Jeff offered to forgo his holiday vacation time this past holiday season so that we didn’t fall behind. RCG is looking forward to great things from Jeff in 2019!

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