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Reed City Tool becomes Group July 23, 2018

Since our founding in 1959 as Reed City Tool, we have been a leading supplier of the highest quality tooling for plastic injection molding to top-tier manufacturers across a wide range of industries including automotive, medical, sporting goods, recreational vehicles, appliances, consumer products, and more. Our focus on engineering excellence, innovation, quality, and reliability has built long lasting relations with customers who depend on us for creative solutions built on a platform of tested and dependable technology.

Over decades of organic growth, customers have tapped into our experienced team of design engineers and skilled craftsmen to move beyond tooling into full-scale plastics manufacturing, assembly, custom machine building, production automation systems, and 3D printing. As one example, our process engineering expertise has led to Reed City Group establishing itself as the leading developer of hydraulic metal forming presses and automation systems for stamped metal garage door and roofing manufacturers.

To reflect our evolution — and to embody our vision for the future — we are not only updating our name to Reed City Group and introducing new corporate branding, we are making substantial investments in the expansion of our team, the latest metal-working technology (such as multiple 5-axis CNC machines), an expanded range of injection molding presses, and a new 3D printing facility capable of small batch plastics production.

Recognizing the diversity of capabilities, experience — and opportunities — Reed City Group was recently acquired by Argosy Private Equity and Stone River Capital Partners. Together, we are committed to continued investments in Reed City Group’s facilities, equipment, technology, and intellectual capital. We are ready to quickly scale to meet future needs as our customers grow with us.


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