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Reed City Group: Investing in Our Future May 13, 2019

There have been many changes over the past couple of years here in our diverse and innovative shop.  While we seek to continually improve our performance and service to our customers, we have added several impressive assets to help achieve higher performance in meaningful ways.  These investments have provided our facility with available capacity to add Customers in need of Tooling, Injection Molding, Automation and state of the art 3-D Printing capabilities.

We wanted to take a few moments to highlight just a few of the major additions that help Reed City Group, LLC continue to deliver our engineering innovation to the market. 

As broadcast just a few weeks ago, we’ve recently added a new high-powered horizontal milling machine with capabilities that will impress many of our tooling customers.  It is manufactured by OKK, a well-known global manufacturer of machining centers.   This particular machine has versatility in speed, precision and rigidity with a hybrid 4th axis table.  It boasts a 6,000 RPM spindle that allows for roughing and deep hole drilling capabilities.  Travel range capability is 95” X, 65” Y and 68” Z, with a rapid travel speed of 1,654 IPM.  This machine also comes equipped with a duel pallet system that allows for quick change and rapid set ups, allowing our team to efficiently change from one project to the next with a capacity of up to 17,000 lbs. each.  It’s impressive stature and ability is only surpassed by the quality of work that it produces



In 2018, we added other milling capabilities that support our tool and die making capabilities in strategic areas.  Our Gruppo Parpas LHS machine is a medium to large size milling center with 5 axis capabilities, 6 axis when considering the inclusion of the rotary table.   This machine is equipped with multiple interchangeable milling heads to meet many of our customer’s challenges.  The full 5 axis electric head is 21,000 RPM that allows for high speed finishing work on any size of block. It also comes equipped with a 50 HP straight head for heavy duty milling such as boring and deep hole drilling. The 3 plus 2 head is a fixed angle head that can rotate on 1 degree increments and can execute milling programs on the face of a block to milling on the top and the side without moving the part.   Being equipped with the different head options allows for this machine to be only machine needed to go from a raw block to a finished part.   The LHS has a 157” X, 78” Y, and 49” Z with a maximum table wt. of 33,000 lbs.  It is suitable for molds / dies and many other applications for machining.  It is a one stop machine that offers power and finesse.


The Gruppo Parpas Active 5 is our finisher.  This is an advanced machine equipped with high speed capability with a moving table, allowing for innovative solutions with state-of-the-art performance.  It comes equipped with a spindle speed of 18,000 RPM, has 118” X and 50” Y travel to handle a large variety of projects. The rapid traverse of the spindle can do 3,000 IPM.  This Active 5 is driven with linear motors for accuracy at high speed to maintain our customer’s very tight tolerances.


All of the above machinery is equipped with the Fixed Coordinate System (FCS) that will allow for rapid change overs to move your project downstream and bring in the next project in a quick and efficient manner.

Other additions to facilitate quality and efficiency to our capabilities were the Millutensil Spotting Press and the addition of a higher functioning Alpha welder.  The spotting press provides a highly precise, quick turn verifying solution as it relates to the finish of a mold and die.  This spotting press will split the upper and lower mold half and tilt them to allow for greater access for inspection and modification.  Fitting and spotting have traditionally been a costly labor component in our mold making process, and this machine has helped us not only reduce our spotting time but has helped our operators’ performance ergonomically.  It is a win with our mold makers, while allowing us to reduce our cost and lead-time to our customers.  


Our Alpha laser welder was a much-needed upgrade over our current welding equipment.  It is much more versatile with providing improved ergonomics for the operator.  The improved equipment allows for much greater accuracy and speed, immediately improving our lead times and providing our customers with needed capacity in this particular area of tool and die maintenance.


Please follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook for additional information.  These changes listed here only capture a fraction of what is happening inside the walls of our great company.  We’d love to have you stop in and see us so we can show you the ongoing transformation occurring to keep pace with our customer’s expectations.


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