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Press Release: Introducing our new OKK 1600 HMC April 15, 2019

Over the past several months, Reed City Group has been working on a special machine installation project that will allow for growth in our product offerings while drive significant improvement in our internal capabilities. Our new OKK 1600 HMC gives our team the ability to provide more products, quicker to market, with the quality that you have come to expect out of our talented craftsmen and team members.  It will serve as a key piece in bringing our “Engineering Innovation” to market for years to come.

To highlight just a few key features, our new horizontal machining center has a dual pallet system that allows us to pre stage the next project while the current job is still actively being machined in the milling center.  This rotating table can move a project into and out of the machining chamber in seconds, dramatically reducing the set-up time and thereby improving our overall machine uptime.  In addition, the horizontal spindle of the milling center offers an array of machining capabilities, from deep hole drilling, boring and roughing, to even finishing for some products.

John Barnett, President and CEO of Reed City Group notes that the new machine will help drive performance in a couple key areas of customer satisfaction; greater competitiveness with improved lead times. The newly commissioned OKK 1600 HMC will help our team bolster our solid reputation in the marketplace.

Finally, Reed City Group is committed to strengthening all of our core business segments while engaging in new markets. Please stay tuned for an update on some exciting changes within our plastic molding department.


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