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Reed City Group CEO works on Hydraulic Press January 4, 2019

Before the new year, our President and CEO, John Barnett, had elected to take some time away from the office to dig into an opportunity he couldn’t pass up – working alongside other RCG employees to get a “hands on” feel for some of our day to day projects.

In this instance, he traveled to experience the approach to some regular maintenance on one of our globally-known hydraulic presses. Most of our hydraulic presses service the garage door industry as tools for manufacturers to improve their efficiency, while also allowing them to become extremely versatile and competitive. Below, you’ll see John immediately jumping in, and having the chance to get inside of the press to see how exactly it operates, while also lending a hand in the process.

Reed City Group takes pride in hands-on leadership and a collective, team-orientated effort!


Hydraulic presses are just one of many custom solutions that Reed City Group produces. For more on what our automation team does, click the link here.  Otherwise, check back into our news section later for new stories!


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