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Manufacturing Day at Reed City Group October 8, 2018

Reed City Group was fortunate enough to be able to host students at our facility for the 2018 nation wide manufacturing day last week! Manufacturing day is celebrated among manufactures across the country, with the aim of changing public perception of what manufacturing may be thought of.

In our part, we invited students from the local community to visit our facility and meet some of those who have careers here. Over one-hundred students were able to learn about some amazing things about our day-to-day manufacturing processes including – CNC and other machining, plastic injection molding, mold manufacturing, welding, and even had a sneak peek into our 3D Printing lab!

These students had a great time at our facility, eager to learn more about not only what we do, but what manufacturers across Michigan do as well. The public perception of manufacturing is certainly changing in a positive direction, with more and more companies inviting people to learn more about them and what they do. Reed City Group was happy to play a role in the entirety of Manufacturing Day, and we welcome anyone to learn more about what is happening behind manufacturing doors!

To learn more about Manufacturing Day’s mission, and who is behind this great celebration, click here.




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