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Maintenance Management System Upgrade at RCG June 6, 2019

We are continuing to make positive internal changes that have even larger positive external results for our customers. Most recently, our maintenance department received a substantial upgrade.

An investment in a new software, provided by Dude Solutions has been implemented. Dude Solutions has been creating and assisting with maintenance management systems for decades across the manufacturing world. This new software will strategically collect data so that we can develop patterns to better predict planned maintenance to avoid downtime, which in turn keeps our machines running at optimal efficiency to meet customer demand. This software schedules preventative maintenance as well as allows us to electronically keep all of our work orders attached to each asset which helps in troubleshooting, tracking of part numbers, and the collection of data of true cost to run a machine.

In another effort to slash lead times, and increase customer satisfaction, we are excited to take advantage of this software system throughout our company, and drive positive performance for our customers across the world!

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